Video Blog #1 – A Day in the Life of Teacher So Phine


It’s difficult to describe in words all of my experiences, so I figured that a video blog would perhaps be helpful for those of you who are interested. I’ll let you live vicariously through me with these videos 🙂 I’ll have to warn you: I am basically as good at making videos as I am at playing ultimate frisbee….which means I’m pretty terrible (for those of you who have seen me play). So don’t expect any top-notch videos here. I prefer to spend more of my time living life in Thailand than in front of a computer editing videos. With that said, here is my first video. It highlights a random day (I want to say “typical” day, but I’ve never had a typical day…I’m always thrown with surprises, such as field trips, monsoon downpours, you name it) at my school.

I want to mention that my organization, Foundation for Education and Development (FED) currently is offering a sponsor-a-child program in which families can contribute money to send Burmese students to school. Many of these nursery students and first grade students will drop out before grade 6, unable to afford tuition and forced to work on rubber plantations with their families. My classes in grade 6, 7, and 8 are considerably small due to the high amount of students who end up dropping out of school. It breaks my heart to see all of these wonderful kids (including my Fried Chicken Boy! Watch the video to catch that reference) studying and enjoying school, knowing that perhaps the majority of them will never make it to grade 6, let alone advance to a Thai high school.

Please consider sponsoring a child in order to keep them in school so that they can transfer to a Thai high school. If you are interested, contact me or visit the FED website:

Here’s the link to the video:

4 thoughts on “Video Blog #1 – A Day in the Life of Teacher So Phine

  1. Just watched your video. Cute!! Looks like you have a full and crazy and fun day and that’s good! How great that you get to spend a year in Thailand and spend your days investing in the lives of so many children! Thx for posting this!


  2. Great video! Looks like these Thailand students are happy to have you as their teacher. I hope you get to taste, and maybe learn to cook some Thai cuisine.


    1. Well they’re actually all Burmese and I am living in a Burmese neighborhood, so I’ve been eating Burmese food every day! I’ll have to work on eating more Thai food while I’m here…as far as cooking, I have been here for 2 months and have cooked for myself about 4 times. I literally get people asking me to eat at their house every night, so I haven’t done much cooking by myself. Somehow, I’m ok with that. Free dinner for 6 more months? I’ll take it! 🙂


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