Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! One of the first documentaries I have helped make. I wrote the script, translated the subtitles, and narrated the video.

A couple things I wanted to address:

The people who helped me translate the subtitles were actually the children of the parents who were interviewed. I pulled each student aside, asked them to translate a scene for me…and when they saw the video, they each had the same reaction: “Teacher! That’s my father/mother!” I said, “I know! I want you to tell me what they are saying.”

It was one of the most rewarding moments seeing my students translate what their parents were saying from Burmese to English. It shows the power of education. It also shows just how far they have progressed this year. I’m so proud of them. It made me so excited to see their faces when they realized what their parents were saying in the video. I hope that this experience encourages them to continue studying English. They have come so far this year. When I first met them, they were afraid to say anything. Now here they are: translating subtitles on behalf of their parents.

Crazy how much things can change in just 6 months… I really wasn’t part of the change. It was all them. You can have an amazing teacher and still not learn. You have to choose to learn. These students have chosen to study English and it is so rewarding to see the output.

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