The Freelance Guru:

What I Offer


Need some help with content for your business? I can help with your website content, blog, social media, and any other marketing materials.

Featured photographer: Hailey Sadler

Content Creation

Do you work with refugees? Looking for contextualized learning materials?

Books Unbound develops culturally sensitive content for communities around the world.


Nonprofit growth and development specialist with experience in curriculum design and cross-cultural understanding. 

Featured photographer: Hailey Sadler

Public Speaking

Specialized as a speaker for youth and young adults - highlighting personal insight on the Rohingya crisis, the impact of taking a gap year, and starting a business.

Travel Blogging

Ready to go somewhere? I'm here to share some travel tips before you hop on that plane!

Featured photographer: Nihab Rahman

Piano Lessons

Whether it's Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or the Star Wars theme song, I can help you play it!

I've worked with over 40 students from ages 4 - 18. Now offering online piano lessons for beginners.

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