Hi, I’m Sophie!
I grew up in Cape Town, where my lifestyle of “skipping town” was sparked from excursions all over southern Africa. After a few bumps in the road, I learned to carve my path the non-traditional way. After high school, I moved to Thailand to work with Burmese migrants. I came back to Colorado and graduated from college debt-free within a year and continued to travel.
A series of events led me to traverse the world in search of my lost friends who fled for their lives. They are now labeled as refugees.
As I pieced together their stories, I was inspired to take on the role of a storyteller. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to 19+ countries to document and share the stories of individuals I’ve met along the way. My job is to give them a platform to share their story.
Their stories inspired me to start my nonprofit organization, Books Unbound – to develop contextualized learning materials for refugees. With my international team of artists, animators, and designers, we provide materials for marginalized communities who are unable to attend a traditional school.
The shipbreakers | Dhaka, Bangladesh

What I Do:


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Content Creation

Do you work with refugees? Looking for contextualized learning materials?

Books Unbound develops culturally sensitive content for communities around the world.


Nonprofit growth and development specialist with experience in curriculum design and cross-cultural understanding. 

Featured photographer: Hailey Sadler

Public Speaking

Specialized as a speaker for youth and young adults - highlighting personal insight on the Rohingya crisis, the impact of taking a gap year, and starting a business.

Travel Blogging

Ready to go somewhere? I'm here to share some travel tips before you hop on that plane!

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Sophie Danielson