Where the hell is Nell?

An Introduction

Are you tired, rundown, listless?

Have a bad case of the Senioritis?

Intimidated by the idea that you’re supposed to have it all “figured out” by the time you’re 18?

So is Nell.

A high school graduate (Class of 2021) who spent her junior and senior year in COVID lockdowns, she’s not ready to settle down in a college dorm. Not just yet. That massive pile of college debt? That can wait a year.

She wants to find a new adventure, jump out of her comfort zone, and dive into the unknown. 

She wants to take a GAP YEAR.

She looks up “gap year” on Google…what does she find?

Expensive programs she can’t afford. Group travel that doesn’t offer flexibility. Limited options for her age.

If you’re like Nell, your options seem limited. Don’t be discouraged from traveling. You just need to get more creative with your gap year.

You need something that offers you the following:

  • Budget-Friendly

    Nell is too busy saving her money for college. Saving up for a gap year isn't an option. There's got to be a way to travel and not break the bank.

  • Flexible

    Nell wants some flexibility. A structured program might be too restricting for her. As a young adult, she's ready to be challenged, become independent, and go where the opportunities are.

  • Complete Immersion

    Nell wants to be taken out of her comfort zone. She wants to learn a new language, try strange foods, and be fully immersed in a community.

Enter Sophie, her sister. Also the writer of this blog.

A strategically homeless digital nomad, Sophie is a huge advocate for gap years.

She’s been a guest speaker for numerous high schools to share about her own personal gap year experience.

Using a mixture of personal connections and social media networking, Sophie is crafting a custom gap year experience for Nell.

It’s got everything:

Affordability – working on farms and volunteering in various places to gain useful skills & keep a tight budget.

Flexibility – with COVID on the loose, we don’t know when the world will lockdown again. We’ve got to be ready to roll with whatever the world throws at us.

Complete Immersion – taking Nell completely out of her comfort zone and giving her an opportunity to gain a whole new perspective. Actively looking for bucket showers and squatty potties for her to experience for the first time…

So who is this blog for?

If you’re a high school student and might be considering a gap year, this blog is for you.

If you’re a friend / family member of Nell and want to know where in the world she is, this blog is for you.

If you want to see if Sophie can successfully be the logistics coordinator for a full year of travel, this blog is for you.

So…where the hell is Nell?

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