Becoming a Beekeeper

Week 5

An excerpt from Nellie’s journal:

“Murder took place in the night. It was a quiet evening with nothing to listen to except for the waves crashing down on the beach. Not even the roosters made a sound. All was still.

Or so we thought.

At exactly 4:10am, I was awakened by the sound of a creature fighting for its life. It screamed. It cried. It yearned to live. But it was a waste of time. Once entrapped in Moon’s vision, you better hope you lived the life you wanted. 

All went silent in the room. We then went back to sleep, serenaded by the crunching of bones. Another victory by Moon.

In the morning, we were able to identify the creature by the remains from the crime scene on the floor. 

It was definitely a bird of some kind. The feathers scattered everywhere was the giveaway.”

When working on a farm, you quickly learn about the circle of life – and just how the world works. Most of our nights were spent listening to our farm cat performing his diligent duties and ridding the farm of pests. These are obviously the highlights in Nellie’s journal.

Moving on.

We became beekeepers this week! Yet another skillset we acquired during our time on the farm. 

There’s not much to say about the beekeeping we did, unfortunately. Pretty basic, not super exciting. Perhaps we’ll find other beekeeping ventures elsewhere. 

Nellie experienced her first jungle trek this week. We heard the singing monkeys and all.

We also almost died in the car ride – but I guess that’s a risk you take when you travel. Getting into a car with a slightly neurotic driver (and host of your Workaway) can have some grave consequences. If you’ve done Workaway and have some near-death experiences, please contact me and share your story. I truly would appreciate it.

I am sharing this beautiful photo of the sunset because quite frankly, we didn’t know if we would ever see a sunset again.

That is all.

And now, some photos from our favorite friend on the farm: Alondra.

It was a pretty standard week on the farm. Next week gets a bit more exciting. 

Week 6: What’s Next?

Where the hell is Nell?

Las Tunas, Ecuador