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Most notably known as a celebrity in Myanmar. Here’s the proof:  Celebrity Video. 

Aside from viral music videos, here’s a bit more about my experience:

Nonprofit growth and development specialist with years of experience in cross-cultural understanding and communication, with a focus on marginalized populations and religious minorities.

A thought-leader regarding the Rohingya refugee crisis — spent 6 years traveling across 19 cities in 6 countries to conduct in-depth research on the Rohingya diaspora.

An advocate for female entrepreneurs, known for innovative approach towards harnessing digital strategies to fundraise and mobilize audiences, and ability to successfully manage the logistics of program development and implementation.

A huge proponent for gap years and alternative education for post-high school students. Experienced female solo traveler across Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Featured Topics

Who are the Rohingya? What’s their story? Elaboration on the history, personal connections, stories of families, in-field reporting of the situation in the refugee camps. A personal and highly informal presentation from 6 years of in-field research. See personal stories here.

The life of a female entrepreneur. The challenges and rewards of starting a nonprofit, working in the education sector, how to fundraise and mobilize audiences. Highlighting upon personal experiences starting and managing Books Unbound.

The challenges, the day-to-day life, opportunities in various sectors. Highlighting upon personal experiences working as a consultant for various UN agencies and managing Books Unbound.

Sharing personal experiences of taking a gap year, traveling as a young female, and the rewards of alternative education. See stories here.

Sharing personal experiences of integrating into the Burmese migrant culture in southern Thailand, working for a grassroots NGO, and diving into the culture — beauty pageants, music videos, and all.

Read story here.

Past Speaking Events


She is someone that you want to have come and speak as she inspirational, kind, worldly, energetic, smart, mature, and wise. Her expertise includes community building among artists internationally, culturally responsive teaching materials, migration and refugee issues, and finding your passion and place in the world.​”

Dr. Mandy Hansen | Director, International Affairs at UCCS

This connection presented a need, which Sophie met with creativity and a willingness to say “yes”. That “yes” sparked not only a ground swell movement of artists, linguists, educators, and anthropologists working together to put contextualized educational materials in the hands of refugee children, but also a movement of reuniting globally dispersed refugee families. Sophie’s presentation, her story of connection, leaves audiences with an ignited hope, inspired to move toward others with empathy and courage.​”

Cathryn Supplee | Lecturer, Department of Communication at UCCS

 …I feel that when I travel, I play it safe, and stick to what I’m comfortable with, and because of that, I’m missing some wonderful opportunities. Sophie is a young woman from Colorado, who went to the same high school I did, and she has created something great that helps others. This inspires me to feel that I am capable of this too, even though sometimes I feel like just one person in a huge world.”

Anonymous | Student, International Affairs at UCCS

“…because she inspired me to take part in her work and do my part in helping the Rohingya people. I had many personal takeaways from Sophie’s talk, but the main one I had is wanting to do my part in helping people like the Rohingya with the privilege I have….I am grateful for this experience in class, thank you!”​

Anonymous | Student, International Affairs at UCCS

As a young woman, it is often hard to visualize going to another country by yourself to help children when you are a child yourself…This makes me want to do something similar to her because of her bravery. Sophie’s high degree of uncertainty and anxiety helped her break out of her shell and show the children that it was okay to be vulnerable. When she left for her first trip, she had many expectations of what the country would be like, but she never realized the rewards it would give her when she was there. Through her uncertainty, she learned and adapted to so many things of the new culture that she showed her students that they could do the same if they tried. She also reduced their uncertainty and anxiety about English by making her books mirror their lives by making the kids look like themselves. I really enjoyed her speech and look forward to what she will do in the future.”

Anonymous | Student, International Affairs at UCCS

Because I am actively involved in art, I found this premise both interesting and encouraging, as the vast ways the art found in the Books Unbound cartoons has helped others is incredible. Along with this, the way that Sophie was able to spontaneously move to Thailand is inspiring to me, especially because her journey led her to many great places and allowed her to get to know incredible people.”

Anonymous | Student, International Affairs at UCCS

Featured In

The Colorado Springs Gazette

"Colorado Springs women's mission is to reunite Rohingya people torn by persecution."

The Jetstream Journal

"Traveling, Teaching, and Telling..."

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