Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in the Caribbean. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long and hadn’t seen them before! Here are a few of my favorites.

#1 tip: go to northern Dominican Republic. Skip Punta Cana. Hit up Samana area / Las Galeras. You won’t regret it!

1) Playa Madama

Wow, a beautiful secluded beach just a short hike away from my hostel? DONE.

This was by far one of my favorite beaches I’ve ever visited. I never thought I would say this, but it beats my favorite beach in Thailand. This small beach is the picturesque island getaway that you would find on a magazine cover. Nestled between two sharp cliffs, you can find some great snorkeling along the edges. If you walk a bit further out from the beach, you’ll find some super interesting caves.

*Recommended Gear*

–> Some good water / hiking shoes. I did it in flip flops, but my life would’ve been a lot easier with some good water shoes. Easier to navigate the sharp rocks if you want to explore the cliffs.

-> Snorkeling gear. You never know what you might find!

2) Playa Rincón

This is the more well-known beach in the area. An easy 20km drive from Las Galeras, you’ll easily find a decent stretch of this beach completely vacant. I had the best advice from a local before I went. He said, “When you’re facing the beach, if you take a left, you’ll find big fish for small price. If you go right, you’ll find small fish for big price.”

Locals hang out on the left side, tourists hang out on the right side.

On your way back from Playa Rincón, you’ll drive past a large selection of produce displayed on the right side of the road. If you check it out and meet the shop owner, you might be able to try some chocolate and coffee. She’ll take you around her home to show you where she makes the chocolate and coffee. Everything is made in her backyard. A perfect place to check out on your way back from the beach.

3) Playa Fronton

This beach was featured on Survivor  and Pirates of the Caribbean, so it should definitely be on your bucket list to visit!

It’s a great hike from Las Galeras. It’s just slightly past Playa Madama. If you use, it will help get you there.

The hike is awesome. About a 45 minute walk from Las Galeras. You’ll see a few reviews on TripAdvisor about it being a difficult and highly advanced hike. Don’t listen to that. It was super easy, open for all hiking levels.

I still preferred Playa Madama over Playa Fronton, but it’s still worth a visit. There are a few caves you can check out in the area. Every now and then, there are a few boats that bring tourists to the beach. But when I was there (in February 2021), it wasn’t too crowded. 

4) Playa Colorado

As a Colorado native, it was my obligation to visit Playa Colorado. It did not disappoint!


Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. What more could you want? No tourists, just a few locals swimming in the area. A perfect getaway!


*Travel Trip* Just hike to Playa Colorado from Las Galeras. Don’t take a motorbike. It’s actually faster to hike than to drive since the road is way too inconvenient. We learned this the hard way. Just walk over a few hills from Las Galeras beach and you’ll find yourself at Playa Colorado.

5. Playa Las Galeras

I was lucky enough to call this place my office for two full weeks! Not a bad place to get some work done. 

There’s some good snorkeling here if you swim up to the reef. The water is crystal clear and super warm. Perfect, relaxing beach to visit at the end of a long day. 

#1 tip: If you want some good beaches, hit up northern Dominican Republic. You really can’t go wrong.


If you have any specific questions about how to get to these places, send me a message.

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