Every morning is the same for Moinuddin — and he loves it. At the crack of dawn, he wakes up and goes straight to his vegetable garden. He tends to a variety of crops – all of which are cultivated and sold at the local market. Like most entrepreneurs, he loves his work because it […]

The Help of a Stranger

Sometimes it takes a complete stranger to help you on your way. It’s hard to know when or how that help will come…in my case, the help I needed was a message from a complete stranger on Instagram. The Help of a Stranger Social media. We either love it or hate it — but it’s […]

The Shipbreakers

If you google, “Shipbreakers” you’ll stumble upon Paul Goodman’s film, Shipbreakers, that highlights the profession of ship breaking. Ship breaking is a big business — it’s also one of the most dangerous professions. It’s the process of dismantling big ships and selling their parts for scrap. It is extremely labor-intensive and extremely dangerous. With the […]

Books Unbound

What We Do: We provide informal learning opportunities for marginalized communities Current Projects: The Rohingya Project in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. We developed a Rohingya Picture Dictionary to provide informal learning opportunities to the Rohingya refugees. How You Can Help: We are raising money to design and distribute a Bengali Picture Dictionary so we can reach the […]

Tea Time!

What time is it? It’s probably tea time. No, it’s definitely tea time. Especially in Cox’s Bazar. I’ve lost count of how many cups of tea a day I drink. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, sure the tea here is drowning in sweetened condensed milk and packed with loads of sugar. […]

The Coffee Alternative: SPEED!

Before we get to talking about the tea in Cox’s Bazar, I just want to acknowledge that, contrary to popular opinion, there is more than just tea to drink in Bangladesh. I was introduced to a drink here that supplemented my coffee addiction while on a tight budget. That’s right, SPEED. The world’s greatest energy […]

Food in Cox’s Bazar

I was going to describe Cox’s Bazar’s food in one word, but then I found a billboard that speaks for me, so here you go: That’s right. Oil. So much oil that they’ve even got a huge billboard in town to advertise. I wouldn’t recommend coming to Cox’s Bazar if you’re on a strict diet. […]

Bangla Music Video: Ahare

Yes, I make the occasional Bangla music videos here and there. It’s a great way to share the incredible footage of the area and inspire you to come visit! I’m currently taking requests for new Bangla songs… Cover song of “Ahare” by Minar Location of filming: Cox’s Bazar Filmed and edited by: Nihab Rahman

The Salt Flats

One of the best photography spots around — the salt flats in Cox’s Bazar. Located outside of the city, you have to navigate through some local villages to find your way there. The best mode of transportation to get there is a tomtom. You can find a tomtom driver in Cox’s Bazar to take you […]

The World’s Longest Beach

One would think that after you’ve seen one beach, you’ve seen them all. Some beaches are obviously more beautiful than others. But they’re fairly straightforward. They have sand, water, and the occasional waves and rays of sunshine. The essentials. So when you say, “Let’s go to the beach!” that’s generally what you would expect. For […]