The Coffee Alternative


Before we get to talking about the tea in Cox’s Bazar, I just want to acknowledge that, contrary to popular opinion, there is more than just tea to drink in Bangladesh. 


I was introduced to a drink here that supplemented my coffee addiction while on a tight budget.


That might actually be a bit of a stretch. I can safely say that I have not spent one dime (or Bangladeshi taka) on a can of Speed.

And yet, you can find me carrying a can of Speed almost on a daily basis.

Coffee alternative: Speed!


If you’re unfamiliar with my Rohingya Reunions, you can learn more about it here. It’s basically the reason why I came to Bangladesh in the first place: to find my Rohingya friends. The thing is, I have a lot of Rohingya friends. And every single time I visit their homes, what do they offer me for a beverage? SPEED.

Of course I’m in that awkward spot where I want to be culturally sensitive and polite…so I find myself drinking and eating pretty much anything that is placed in front of me. Not a great weight loss plan!

But you can do the math. If I’m visiting 4 families in one day, I’m averaging 4 – 6 bottles of Speed that day. The heart rate is on an all-time high. 

Brace yourself for a crazy journey.
Not exactly sure what's in this stuff, but I am 100% sure it ain't good for you.

If you spend any time in Bangladesh, you might as well try this overwhelmingly sweet beverage. It’s never my top choice beverage, but it’s one of those things you just have to try.

One Speed won’t kill you. 4 – 6 Speeds in one day might….it’s actually quite a miracle I’m still alive.


When you get to Bangladesh, snap a selfie with your Speed and share it with me. Join the Speed Team!