The Rohingya community has taught me about the value of family.

I’ve spent years following my Rohingya friends who can only dream that they might see their family again. I’ve had the privilege of meeting their families when they can’t do it themselves.

Every reunion is so powerful. With every reunion, I think of my own family and how I have the privilege of being with them, yet I choose to venture to the other side of the world.

The COVID-19 situation has brought to light what we should prioritize at this time. We should look at this not as a time to panic, but as an opportunity to spend with our family.

I’ll pass on the advice I received from a good Rohingya friend of mine:

If you have the ability to be with your family at this time, be with them. That’s the dream of countless families in this world.

Sad to leave Bangladesh so soon, but I’ll be back.  🇧🇩

Grateful that I have a family who supports my crazy adventures overseas and is always ready to welcome me home.