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Just a couple weeks ago, I was exploring the salt flats with Nihab and marveled at the incredible work of the men in this trade. I watched as they gathered the salt into large piles and filled up basket after basket, carrying each basket carefully to the next person, who carried it to another place further on. Everyday, they do this. They’ve been doing this for years. They created a system that works — a system that has now become an essential part of their lives.

The Salt Flats | Bangladesh

Now that system is disrupted — and things are breaking apart. Without that system, they lose so much. As human beings, we are born to work. It’s what we do. And now our system of work is broken. This time isn’t easy for anyone. But some of us can cope more comfortably than others. Thinking of all the individuals who rely on those day-by-day wages amidst such an unpredictable time.