The Little "Constants"

The little “constants” in our lives are what keep us going. When we see nothing but change around us, we can still find comfort in the routine — the comfort of habitual behavior. When we find the habits that keep us going, we hold onto them.
For Nonni, it’s her unwavering dedication to walking her dogs. Not once, not twice, but numerous times a day. My fondest memories visiting Nonni throughout my childhood are filled with dog walks. I listen to her stories of growing up as an island girl in Aruba, learning Spanish in Argentina, and the newfound quirks of her dogs.

In this new normal we find ourselves, I found comfort in being part of Nonni’s little “constants” as we walked her dogs through her new retirement home. I found comfort in watching my mother walking along the path with her mother. As time goes by, the walks become shorter — but they never waver.

Not a day goes by when Nonni won’t walk her dogs. No matter what happens in the world around her, this little “constant” is something special she will hold onto forever. What a beautiful ritual to have.