What about Myanmar?

What about Myanmar? Freedom is not free. It never was. And it should never be taken for granted. Anyone who has lived through a war knows this. Anyone who has lived under an oppressive government knows this. Anyone who has lived through the pandemic knows this. While some of us may have been born into […]

If I Was Still in Myanmar

Rohingya Girls

Some day, this Rohingya community will be flooded with educated Rohingya girls. We’ll be overwhelmed with job applications from qualified, educated Rohingya women. But for now, it’s my role to encourage girls like Hasina to continue pursuing their education so that they can be the real world changers. They will be the ones to show the girls that one pen, one notebook, and one teacher can change the world.


“This is a man who cherished his time and lived each moment as if it were his last. He has touched so many lives, including mine. I just wish we all had more time with him.” Time Time. It stands still, yet flies by. We take it for granted, yet cherish every second. And in […]

Life’s Unknown Expiration Date

“All I can take away from this is that life’s timeline is unknown. None of us have a timeline for how long we will be here. But we do have an expiration date. An unknown expiration date. So we need to live our lives as if that expiration date is coming soon.” Life’s Unknown Expiration […]

Every Second of the Day

“When I first saw Roshida in America, she was a different person. She had a phone. That means she had her family back.” Every Second of the Day Roshida grabs her phone, presses the call button, and props it up against the water bottle on the table. Within two seconds, someone on the other line picks […]

Freedom is not Free

“Freedom is not free.” It never was. Poppi was a good one to remind us of those words. Every year on November 11, we celebrate Poppi’s service — and the lives of the men and women who served our country. We think of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. All in the name of freedom. […]

The Broken System

COVID-19 Pandemic: Just a couple weeks ago, I was exploring the salt flats with Nihab and marveled at the incredible work of the men in this trade. I watched as they gathered the salt into large piles and filled up basket after basket, carrying each basket carefully to the next person, who carried it to […]

Heading Home

The Rohingya community has taught me about the value of family. I’ve spent years following my Rohingya friends who can only dream that they might see their family again. I’ve had the privilege of meeting their families when they can’t do it themselves. Every reunion is so powerful. With every reunion, I think of my […]

To Educate a Girl

“I’m not like the other girls here.  My thoughts are different from theirs. I’m willing to push the boundaries more. That’s because I was lucky to receive an education. But it’s hard to try and bring change when it’s just me. If everyone was educated here, maybe they would think like me and we could […]