Week 5: Becoming a Beekeeper

Becoming a Beekeeper Week 5 An excerpt from Nellie’s journal: “Murder took place in the night. It was a quiet evening with nothing to listen to except for the waves crashing down on the beach. Not even the roosters made a sound. All was still. Or so we thought. At exactly 4:10am, I was awakened […]

Week 1 & 2: Roadtrip & Rohingya Reunions

Roadtrips & Rohingya Reunions Week 1 Aaaaand we’re off! Nellie’s gap year has officially begun!  I have been tasked with navigating a gap year for the little sister amidst all of the world’s unpredictable craziness. For the next 9 months, we are going to quite literally take it one day at a time – with […]

Week 4: The Birthplace of Happy Belly, Happy Nellie

The Birthplace of Happy Belly, Happy Nellie Week 4: Las Tunas, Ecuador This was a special week for Nellie because it was the launch of the most important piece of her gap year: her food blog. Happy Belly | Happy Nellie Instagram: @happybelly.happynellie It all started when we sat down at a small cafe in […]


Visiting Isinlivi, the second destination on the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador.


Visiting Sigchos, one of the first destinations on the Quilotoa Loop.

Burmese Music Video

My Burmese Music Video How to become a celebrity in a country that your friends don’t even know exists. It’s a long story – actually, not really that long at all. In short, I learned a song in Burmese to impress my Burmese neighbors. They thought it was hilarious and recorded it. I told them […]

How to Travel During a Pandemic

How to Travel During a Pandemic No, you’re not a rebel for planning a trip during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contrary to popular belief, lots of people are traveling these days. You just have to do it responsibly. Traveling is a good mental health break for those who have spent months working from home and rarely […]

Learning in a Time of Crisis

Learning in a time of crisis with the Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya do not take education for granted. In the midst of chaos, disaster, and loss, this boy carries his possessions in one hand, and our picture book in the other.

Playa Madama

How to get to Playa Madama from Las Galeras, Dominican Republic.