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Where the hell is Nell?

A Gap Year Series

The strategically homeless lifestyle continues. Sophie has now been tasked with navigating a gap year for her younger sister amidst  the world’s unpredictable craziness.

Who is this blog for?

If you’re a high school student and might be considering a gap year, this blog is for you.

If you’re a friend / family member of Nell and want to know where in the world she is, this blog is for you.

If you want to see if Sophie can successfully be the logistics coordinator for a full year of travel, this blog is for you.

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3 continents ~ 5 countries ~ 18 cities
Tracing family trees of Rohingya friends across the world.

Sophie Danielson

Rohingya Reunions: Intro


“What in the world am I doing here?” I stood in front of a small mirror in my room. My face resembled that of a Smurf, covered in blue whiteboard marker ink. My shirt and arms were covered in raw egg.

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What I Do

Sophie Skips Town: Refugees

Documenting trauma, displacement, and the refugee crisis around the world.

Locations visited for documentation:

Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, The Netherlands, USA

Travel Destinations

Travel tips from the strategically homeless girl.

Currently traveling in South America.

Sophie Skips Town: Personal

Reflections from life as a strategically homeless storyteller.

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