We take the gift of travel for granted.

There are those who can skip town tomorrow, while others have no choice but to stay. The ones who have this gift should use it.

Travel invokes storytelling. It opens our eyes to the miracles -- and injustices of this world. That's why we need to share.

Sophie Danielson

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Featured destination:

The Dominican Republic | February 2021

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3 continents ~ 5 countries ~ 18 cities
Tracing family trees of Rohingya friends across the world. Sharing stories of their resilience, love, and power of family.

Sophie Danielson

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About Me

I grew up in Cape Town, where my lifestyle of “skipping town” was sparked from excursions all over southern Africa. After a few bumps in the road, I learned to carve my path the non-traditional way. After high school, I moved to Thailand to work with Burmese migrants. I came back to Colorado and graduated from college debt-free within a year and continued to travel.

A series of events led me to traverse the world in search of my lost friends who fled for their lives. They are now labeled as refugees.

Sophie Skips Town: Refugees

Documenting trauma, displacement, and the refugee crisis around the world.

Locations visited for documentation:

Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, The Netherlands, USA

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How to Travel During a Pandemic

Sophie Skips Town: Personal

Reflections from life as a strategically homeless storyteller.

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“This is a man who cherished his time and lived...

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Sophie Danielson